One act play


Her sari,

Hanging in the balcony…

Was heavy a while ago

Its movement was pretty slow

A drunken stupor

The golden mate


Transformed its demeanor

Slightly embraced


It’s feathery now

Light, soft

Flirting with the breeze

O jeez

Can’t steal away

Tied with a spoilsport  

No way

It can transport.


All the three mates

Writing stories

Trying their fate

With the sari,

Who’s writing hers


The owner who wears

Shh…doesn’t even know

The goings-on  

Of all the four.


And the seer

Trapped in time, a writer

Of hush-hush, is engrossed

At times lost

Now and then

With all of them.


Life like this

Alive in moments’ bliss


She comes and takes it away

Thank god doesn’t notice me

Caught in the act for free,

Trapped in the play.




Sari – a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia. [Source, Wikipedia]

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