An Unlikely Samaritan = for the poetry challenge


Out of diesel smoke
way out of place
a long way out of focus
Standing inside
my bitter personal space,
she filled that vacant,
empty metaphor and
exquisite agony of my heart.

The four-twenty to London
picked up speed and litter,
crying strangled farewell;
hurling the spent passion of passing
upon the grimed glass sky
of Waverley Station.

Small, uniformed,
black as the future.
She veiled the departure
of a life once lead,
now leaden, and dead.
That febrile figment
dissipating like diesel fumes
as my memories imploded in locomotive tailwind.

Christ hung on the roof of her cleavage.
A palpitating, pascal-lamb message that:
All was never lost.
My All knew full well her destination.
The Black Madonna nodded, knowing.
Her benediction: ‘Never mind Pet;
there’s another one due shortly.’

© franciman 2023
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