A Room at the Top

Romance in a high-rise building.

She was a redhead with an unruly mop

who lived alone in a room at the top

of a skyscraper overlooking the park,

tall and ugly, and a prominent landmark.

He  was renting a flat on the floor below

but how long he’d stay he didn’t know.

He had a strong desire to find true love

and he fantasised about the girl above.

He tried to charm her, as they met in the lift,

but unimpressed she gave him short shrift.

He was determined not to admit defeat;

a solution was needed, sensible and neat.

He wondered whether she would be averse

to read of his ardour in a romantic verse.

The lad wrote a poem and he gave his all;

not quite Shakespeare, more McGonagall.

She was understanding, full of compassion,

she married him and relished his passion.


© Luigi Pagano 2016



© ionicus 2023
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Ah yes… 15 kids and a caravan in Breen may well have been the happy ending.

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