I’m drowning

Drowning in a sea of fear

I’m calling

But nobody wants to hear me

I’m breaking

Into a thousand small pieces


I’m going down

With the weight of the worry

I want to talk

But everyone has their own agenda

‘Keep him in the dark’ they think


I’m working so hard

To try and raise a smile

But your images haunt me

They hunt me down and say “look at me”

“Look at me damn you, is this what you want?”

“Is this who you love?”


I’m bailing a boat

With a large gaping hole

That may be beyond repair

I hate how my fears now control me 

I hate this house and the lies told within it


I want my life back

I want my wife back

But I’m just treading water

In a sea way too vast

And its only a matter of time

Before I let go and slip under


© marvo 2023
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