Your right to your own life

Someone reported me out of Facebook. We shall never know who it was, but I can only guess…

I bet I was reported by a muslim
who can’t bear the freedom of a woman
to her right of her own life and privacy
and to her body and its beauty
which is hers and never can belong to any other.
She can share it, but of only her own will.
If someone feels offended by the fact
that he can never ever reach her
but must be content with his unsatisfied desire,
it is only his own problem, and no woman
ever can be blamed for the dissatisfaction of a man,
as they are always blamed for that and punished
twistedly in Arab countries without human rights and justice.
Let me be reported. I am out of it,
while all you men who felt insulted by a woman’s beauty
for not being able to possess it
are just pitiable sexist animals
devoid of any sense of decency and human dignity.


© lailaroth 2023
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