Where is it gone,
that natural capacity
of culture, sensitivity and common sense,
all lost in this world gone so much astray
into the automatic age of mad derailment
where politeness does no more exist,
where gratitude is lost, unknown,
regarded as absurd,
as if sincere and human kindness
just to ease co-operation between people
was just silly, foolish and out-dated.
Letters are no longer answered,
cyber culture has reduced the language
to just shallow formulas of emptiness,
communication is denied
if it gets sensitive or deep,
as if all lasting human values
were out of this world.
I disagree
and stick to history,
the truth of ages past,
the human truth of all that last,
the spiritual values living ever with the soul,
with love as sole foundation
while all shallowness
invariably driving over what it constantly ignores
and shouldn’t
will get lost
and always just continues getting lost,
like this whole damned polluted age
blind in its ignorance to its own self-destruction.


© aurelio 2023
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