Xmas doggerel…er…poetry challenge!

Just a bit of fun – feel free to ignore 🙂


Christmas comes but once a year,

always buggered, never fear,

by family you cannot stand

(Auntie Mabel, though, is grand).

And when they all seem fit to burst

(and Uncle Sid has quenched his thirst),

time to chill out by the telly,

listening to the rumbling belly

full, digesting Christmas cheer,

until the following gluttonous year.

© andrea 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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You have a way with poetic doggerel that makes us all laugh! Could it be because we recognize ourselves in some of the characteristics you describe? 🙂 🙂 A funny, rhythmic and rhyming romp, as usual. A bit off in your syllabic line count ( which seems to want to be 7) but easily remedied I’d say. If you don’t mind suggestions…?? – just cut a few unessential words and find a couple of substitutes that better fit: and when all seem fit to burst and Uncle Sid’s quenched his thirst time to chill by the telly hearing each (?)… Read more »

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