Love argument


My love, what shall I tell you?
That I love you still
in spite of all the crises
or perhaps because of them,
continuously separating us
to just force us again together,
like a spiritual force
more powerful than any potency of nature?
There is so much that we need to talk about
but never did, so many uncleared arguments,
that keep amassing unresolved
like in a constant constipation,
(if you pardon the expression,)
that perhaps we just should leave
as totally irrelevant to our love
and its core meaning,
that we need each other
and belong together to each other
and can’t do without each other.
Yes, it couldn’t be more simple,
so it is unnecessary and irrelevant
to complicate what lives by being basic,
that is love, that couldn’t be more basic.


© aurelio 2023
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