A lover’s complaint


I basically lived for my idealism

throughout my life in earnest and fidelity

and somehow always was rebuked

and punished for my honest efforts,

as the more I worked and harder I produced,

the more severely I was punished,

being thrown out of society and school

for being serious about my vocation

and perhaps for being over-active in my diligence,

and now even locked out with small chance of a return

from facebook, for an unitended nipple.

Isn’t it ridiculous? Still I will go on loving,

sticking to my earnestness and good intentions

and will not fall out because of some stupidity,

as nothing is more meritorious for the knowledgeable ones

than the acknowledgement of ignorance condemning you to exile.




© lailaroth 2023
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If I ever got this right, this is a complain regarding critique? I was going to offer some but……

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