Saved from drowning


Smothered by the ignorance of unawareness
or, if you so please, indifferent negligence
blamed on blind fate of casualness,
I never would have surfaced once again
from dire depths of darkness
in the coldness of the freezing abyss,
being utterly bogged down in misery,
misfortune and atrocity,
and I could actually not be alive at all
unless you brought me up and made me love.
There was no time before you showed yourself,
my love affairs were only traumas
of outrageous tragedies of being used,
while you came without craving anything
without pretension but for sharing spiritual love.
That saved me, made me someone,
and gave me something to live for.
I am nothing and will leave with nothing left behind
but for the love you gave me
which brought me much more than all the world.


© lailaroth 2022
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Love conquers all.


Thanks for sharing this with us.

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