Write Me A Song



Will you write me a song girl?

That would be rather cool

For if the words were about me

I’d surely dance like your fool

You could make it a sad song

To reflect where I’m at

Or make it a ballad

What could be sweeter than that?


Will you write me a song girl?

You could make it the blues

I got no hood on my coat

And there’s rain in my shoes

But I don’t think you see me

Or hear what I say

So my song won’t get written

To allow you to play


Will you write me a song girl?

About love, lies and hate

Do it soon for my sake girl

Before it’s too late

It might not be a big hit

That don’t matter to me

If you sang it I’d dance

As your words set me free

© marvo 2020
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Great poem, I enjoyed it very much, just one tiny thing that could possibly work better, the very last line, it somehow seems to fall a bit flat. Just my thoughts, please ignore if I’m wrong. 🙂 Sue.

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