“Across a Room”

An antidote to aleppo


God you made me nervous

When the door opened and it was you

Coming uninvited to my party

You smiled around the room

Kissed a few cheeks

Sipped a glass of red


You picked up a loose guitar and sang

I put down my glass and sidled near to hear

Your voice, so plaintive

Reached a deeply hidden place

And I held back tears.


But was that just because I’ve loved you

And lacked the nerve to tell you?


I dare not breach that wall

I hide behind.

I hope for you to make a move

Just a sign

But nothing ever comes


I might send you flowers

From Interflora – they have a ‘special’

But fear the letdown flit across your face

When you see they only came from me.


Even though airing

My half smothered dream

May signal a sudden end

I am writing this note

To tell you I love you

And want to love you more


So will you come for dinner?

I have wine

I have your favourite music

Nat King and Coltrane

And wide open arms


And should you ignore this card

At least you’ll know

That I only meant you well


And that kiss you planted on my cheek

When we met that night

At my birthday bash

Means so much to me.


© coolhermit 2023
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Love it, love it lots 🙂 Sue.


Yinny Alleppo and now yangy smoochy. A man of many facets my dear dodecahedron! Mitch

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