Shallow Man

I think I am the cool sophisticate, the PC Guru then watching the ebb and flow of micro-skirts on a Friday Night, I realise that I’m such a..



Shallow Man

I’ve been searching for the Holy Grail

Forever and a day

All my ‘perfect’ relation-ships

Weigh anchor and they sail away

I’m a stranger to the truth

I’m a stranger in disguise

It’s no wonder that she drove away

In my cavalcade of lies.

I’m such a shallow man – such a shallow man


I’ve said sorry a billion times

Now the word has no meaning

I’ve cried rivers of crocodile tears

But not a single girl believes me

They see right through my master plan

I’m nothing more than a shallow man

A shallow man – such a shallow man

A smoke and mirrors man.


I’ve been searching for the perfect girl

Since the very Dawn of Time

But my cruel and shallow heart

Leaves me stranded with a cliff to climb

I crave danger in the perfect chase

Running naked through a field of mines

I’m just a fool for her flawless face

I’m so bedazzled by her sexy lines!


I’ve thrown away my one true love

The grass was always greener

Now I feel like a dirty shirt

She’s taking to the cleaners

I’m like a cat in a hot tin can

I’m nothing more than a shallow man

A shallow man – such a shallow man

A smoke and mirrors man

That’s what I am –

I never meant to be so cruel

I’m just a superficial fool

A shallow man

I’m such a shallow man

(won’t you believe me?)  


Well, get out there’s the door!    

(won’t you believe me?)

     I’m such a superficial man!        




© Paul D E Mitchell 2016- all music. lyrics, voices and instruments by Paul D E Mitchell

Copyright PRS Protected


© mitch 2023
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I was reading – only this afternoon – a quotation of an Indian Yogi. He said, “Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind.” I think your poem pretty much demonstrates that. I accept what you say, but I don’t believe you! I am certain that you are anything but shallow – even to have thought of your poem, which gave me enjoyment. Nothing shallow about that. 🙂


had to vote like not because i think you are the shallow man of your song poem or that you should call yourself selfish, but for your sincere effort which is obvious to find your true identity in this world through art.

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