Love is like being underwater

My dad told me that when I fell in love it would feel like fireworks. A colourful chaos that overwhelmed and excited.

But when I fell in love it was like being underwater. A muted world that stretched on forever, and an all-consuming breathlessness.

For a while I was weightless, as the ceiling lights shimmered just above the surface, and the large clock on the wall ticked on. I floated on my quiet confession as it brushed cool against my skin, and I counted the seconds left. My body moved without permission, drifting in the current, pulling me nearer to her.

And I wished that she would let me drown.

© grace.b 2023
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A charming little bit of flash fiction.


Just loved this, a whole new way of looking at the subject.
‘and I wished that she would let me drown’ just perfect for me.


Good micro-flash there, grace. Being underwater suggests floating and drifting in the current rather than on it though. Now breeee-athe! Mitch

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