It’s all in the mind.

Theft wears lots of different cloaks,
the obvious like the pickpocket,
or the bully who used to steal my lunch money.
The devious, who smiles as he empties your wallet,
the ransacking burglar.
None of these compare to the worst kind of thief,
the one who steals my sanity.
Who is it? you ask.
It’s my own imagination.

© popeye 2023
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A true but introspective statement but it has the potential to be something greater with a bit of a tweak here and there to hint at but not state the overly-obvious penultimate question and ulltimate answer. If a pickpocket was obvious he would not be a successful one! Maybe a slight change of approach?

Thieves thrive in many guises;
The distractor; pocket-picking
Ghostly-fingered wallet prizes
School bully lunch-money nicking and so on.

Hope you don’t mind the suggestions! Mitch

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