Gogul’s head

Gogul has a list of names

inside his head.

He stays with them

day and night,

and every single time

he misses the bus

to catch his flight.

He feels heavy as a rock

for the file’s a huge block

any new person he meets

he gets a shock

to find it matching with the list.

Toms and Joes

With hurts and woes

Harrys and Stephens,

Oh to him, the dossier stiffens!

Tired and heavy,

he was sitting under a tree

when a fruit fell upon his crowded head.

Then all the names dark and read

disappeared and in a minute fled…

he became light and bright

rested under the shade

for a little while

and went home with a bit of a hurt,

leaving them dry and dead.

© supratik 2023
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