Aspiration Fulfilled 

Sometimes we get what we wish for.

A garden such as we enjoy today,
was not created in the blink of an eye.
It was nurtured to maturity over forty years,
transformed from two barren plots.
Welded together by a spark of desire,
seeds of lust grew into blossoms of love.

We tended this garden diligently,
dangerous weeds were uprooted.
Stinging nettles of jealousy,
prickly thistles of selfishness,
the poison ivy of mistrust.
None could compete with our deep rooted love.

Through time new seedlings emerged,
imbuing the beds with fresh energy.
Filling the empty spaces in our garden,
watering the flowers with their tears.
Strangling the weeds with their laughter,
filling the voids with the sunshine in their smiles.

Just when the garden was looking complete,
the seedlings began to grow restless.
They felt the need to be transplanted,
new shoots were grafted to the family tree.
Until finally, all our blooms were gone, leaving
an empty garden our young roses had outgrown.

We do not feel disheartened or forlorn,
the garden we created on barren land
has flourished far beyond what we perceived.
Our seedlings now have offshoots of their own,
new branches growing on the tree of life.
Rose petals to soften painful thorns.

A quote made famous in a song,
with which I cannot go along.
Aspirations are often fulfilled,
dreams can become reality.
I never promised you a rose garden,
yet we managed to create one together.


© popeye 2023
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A good metaphor for life, Davy.
Best, Luigi


We should all be this lucky. It’s a great piece of metaphor, as Luigi says, one for life.


A moving horticultural homage there, Davy! reminds of the film Being There starring Peter Sellers.

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