Finding Beauty

The importance of finding beauty in the everyday.

I found it in the space between his right shoulder and his neck as he pulled me in for a hug goodbye. His cologne hanging in the air, and my balance unstable, as I stood on my tiptoes not wanting to let go. “Thank you my friend” he whispered slowly, his sad smile mirroring mine as, for a second, we just held on.

It was in the misty window that blurred the endless grey, as we drove and drove forever. The song filling the space beckoned me to sleep in time with the gentle rock of the car, his humming like a lullaby that cradled me.

it blossomed in the silence that reached a crescendo as we sat, breathing it in. The words unsaid but understood.

And, for the first time, I found beauty in my own reflection.

© grace.b 2023
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A neat and sweet short narration well written.


I’ve just got to say that this, for me, was poetic. I really liked reading it, and marvelled at your skill.


This for me was the best of this bunch, please accept my nomination to go with your Nib. It flows and shows great talent. Thanks for posting.

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