Cigarettes And Tea Bags

There’s been many great inventions but to Elsie forget the wheel or telescope, as fags and tea bags are life savers !

Main text of your writing.

What’s the greatest invention

the best our world has known,

many would say it’s the wheel

while others the telephone ?

In kitchens we’ve got appliances

like a fridge for food to save,

also gas and electric cookers

toasters,kettles,and a microwave.

But there’s hundreds of inventions

paper clip,safety pin, telescope,

lawnmower, fountain pen,internet,

toothpaste, and soap on a rope.

So I asked my neighbour Elsie

while she was smoking a fag,

” what’s the greatest inventions ? “

she replied:” cigarettes and the tea bag ! “




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Interesting, Mister M! I liked it but it does appear rushed and needs a wee punctuation edit and you left the default text in at the beginning! Mitch


I really enjoyed the homely nature of this poem, especially the real life, down to earth comment at the end.
This new layout is always catching me out, I wish it was more ‘user friendly’, I’m now also on another site, so straight forward and easy to use, none of this delete this and that first, plus it has a lot more colour, not this mundane mainly blue & black on white everywhere. But I like UKA, and will remain loyal 🙂 Sue.

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