You are a part of me,
and I can not deny it,
since your feelings are my own:
whatever you feel, I feel also,
and thus your tears are mine,
and all your life is my responsibility.
In spite of all your faults and lacks and wants,
which cause us constant worries
and are criticizable indeed,
I can’t get you out of my heart,
no matter how you wound and stab it,
hurt me and destroy me,
but you must stay there
caged in my own soul and freedom
which is all your life as well as mine.
Thus are we chained together by our destiny,
for good, for worse, for life, forever,
and all that we can do about it
is the best of this quixotic situation
of a tender love that hurts
but can not find a cure
of living by its wounds
and bleeding constantly to death
in never ending continuity.


© aurelio 2023
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