A Message In A Bottle

a poem

A wicker rocker, on my screen porch.

Black coffee, until it is light enough to see

A crossword puzzle.  Blue jays,

As many as five raucous in a big holly.

The runners pop in the dark, and stream by.

Women in pairs, some pushing strollers.

Power walking, Elkins jump-starts his day.

So these specific lives merge, become

A river, as I watch from the bank–

She’s standing alone out on a train platform.

The future.  There’s a lot of life

Yet to go, and grandkids are not our kids.

© slovitt 2017
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Swep, I have been away and unable to comment on posts…looks like the poets have been busy. Anyway this is to say I loved the exactness, the short almost sharpness of some of the lines and then the rather mellowing softness of the last few lines and the platform girl, the future. Very fine. Leila


loved this first time round.
So deserving of the nomination
Alison x

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