Flash America

An old post based on snapshots and images on instagram and elsewhere which I’ve now converted into a video track. A live performance that almost got me lynched by two very fat American so-called poets at a gig! 


Anonymous, eponymous, a dedicated shrine

Tea trays, liverwurst, a single-engine line

Archipeggio, andante, a twiddling of the pissed

Sunburnt, sea foam, assiduously kissed

Insidious, perfidious and forty fainting maids

A robot-dancing president and snaking cavalcades

They’re hanging Chad in Florida, impaled on pointy hats

Epiphanied evangelists, annihilistic cats

Attention spans of guppies with super-size-me butts

Waist size, tide swell, super-seismic guts

Dancing the lambada with heavenly Angelica

Fingers on the buttons, boys, this is Flash America!


Twister Alley galley rats, sinking with their ships

Twenty-four ounce rump steaks, stapled to their hips

Mind-boggling bagels, sixteen million calories

Nouveau prankster gangsta art, slays them in the galleries

Pollack dropped a bollack, but ships them out in droves

Gallons of gator gumbo, still a-bubbling on the stoves

Oh, my Godding juveniles, the hordes of Valley girls

Underbelly untermensch, a cardboard hobo hurls

Incredible, inedible, all-you-can-eat cantinas

Mardi Gras, tasselled bras, in the wreckage of Katrina

I’m waiting for mah waitress, the heavenly Angelica

Fingers on the buttons, boys, this is Flash America!


Arnie Barney Smack-a-negger, scary Governators

The Blair Bush backed imbroglio, the Gulf War instigators

Mascara’d and then massacred, the chauvinist charades

Ghastly Speedo paedo-fests, the Little Miss parades

Sexualising seven-year-olds using pagented pretence

“Pinko commie faggots” form their Fox-fucked-up defence

Twin-towered onanisers crack one off the wrist

Two-fingered fuck-you rants as their DNA untwists

Fat dull dysfunctionals fawn at Springer’s feet

Saran-wrapped and sacrificed, they keep his ratings sweet

I’m waiting for my make-up call from heavenly Angelica

Fingers on the buttons, boys, this is Flash America!


Hideous, invidious, a good ol’ boy and rye

Pitch and toss, burning cross, there’s murder in his eye

His concept of the cosmos extends as far as he can jab

His jogger-panted hippo-legs can’t take another slab

A Murdoch-manse of Babel, the dancers on Death Row

Lyme disease, crimes sprees, with lethal gas to go

Road rage, fight-cage, and the gun-shops in the malls

False faint, wails and weeping when the judge’s hammer falls

Their body odour smoulders with each Expel-Air-borne whiff

They can only cram six Texans in a twenty-person lift

I hurtle to the basement, my arms around Angelica

Fingers on the buttons, boys, this is Flash America!


Erogenous, misogynous, the cess-pool Casanovas

Whipping Santa Anna firestorms and wild-life roast aromas

Baby Rosemaries in diners whose dates look like Belushi

Coming on like calamari on conveyor-belts of sushi

They’re coached by Doctor Ruth, her sex-messages get garbled

So he sounds like Marlon Brando, choking down the Elgin Marbles

Lard-locked land leviathans, on a beer-chuck, beef-chuck binge

A collective intelligence that would make a dormouse cringe

Where anti-Semite animators are decimating rights

Metropolis and necropolis – full of Zappa’s Tiny Lights

Where I’m down on Wounded Knee, proposing to Angelica

Where I’m down on bended knee, proposing to Angelica

Fingers on the buttons, boys, this is Flash America


Fingers on the buttons, boys, this is Flash, Trash, Crash




There’s more to this than meets the eye…. {Angelica!}

Where’s muh waitress?

Angelica? Angelica!


(c) Paul D.E. Mitchell 2014

words, vocals, music and instruments by Paul D E Mitchell

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© mitch 2023
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