The sun was somber,


It was looking at the clouds

beginning to weave an image

of a cobweb that’d soon

cover it, along with its glow.


Looking at this,

you were writing on the page.

Words had totally covered

your feelings, much like the mesh above.

In the meantime,

the poorly drawn cobweb was done,

it did cloud the sun

soon, a gloom took over the day

your words, your structures

are failing you as you write…

pages wasted in lifeless letters.

You are unable to draw the exact picture

with the acceptable rules of the craft

still your image of verse is so deep and strong

that you cannot go beyond

the prescribed guidelines

you are also scared of being outcast

even when the gossamer has cleared

the text on the page, washed away.

The sun is on its track

smiling, glowing and gleaming

at you, so you could peacefully

personify your response.

© supratik 2023
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namaste ji! For a second language poet, this is really good observational work of clouds and the labour of writing prose and poetry.

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