Love at work (2)


Balance must needs be preserved
or love can not survive.
The bread of love is continuity,
for if it does not last
it is not even worth exploiting
but, if it be short-lived and short-sighted,
something to be sorry for
and afterwards regret
and maybe even be ashamed of.
Loving you is the more holy for me
the less I consume it, use it,
waste it, spend it and devour it,
since I believe in love and therefore worship it
and rather keep it safely at some distance
than take any risks of harming it.
That’s why my life instead is wasted
as a workoholic, but, mind you,
creatively, constructively and positively,
since a man’s work is his test of competence,
and without competence there can not be a lasting love.
So let me keep on working
for sustaining my creativeness
and for my love of you.


© aurelio 2023
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