“The End of an Affair”

reworked tanka

I said, “Don’t love me,

‘we’ can never ever be”.

I said another

held my heart, my hopes, my dreams.

She heard, but Caz did not…’hear’.


We had days of fun.

Romping nights of lusting too.

Overshadowed by

that other lover lurking,

behind doors of memory.


Caz wanted to ask

if my, “Darling I love you”

whispers were for her

or aimed at the other one.

I could not answer truly.


I had no answer

Against insecurity

No reassurance

no unguent, no platitude,

nothing but poignant silence.


Through winter evenings

We stared at embers glowing

in our Queenie stove.

Eating buttered toast. Drinking

special recipe mulled wine.


With each fond gesture

Met with a trite, “Thanks, Darling.”

And clink of glasses

we played games of ‘make believe’.

Caz, and I, were both victims,


Clinging together.

Lost souls.  At best, second best.

Damaged goods, flotsam

Detritus overboard from

ships colliding in the night.


Her heart was broken

when I said, “It’s done. No more”.

I stare at embers

now, alone, and wondering.

Wondering and wondering.


© coolhermit 2017
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Yes, excellent write in your own inimitable style. One for the coming huge cultural festival in Hull?


I enjoyed this, Coolhermit. I think the ending conjurs up the age old conundrum ‘What if?’ We ask that an awful lot in life, I think. Skillfully crafted.

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