Cheese at Bedtime

Eating Cheese just before retiring to bed is inviting strange dreams in the night my mother always said. I loved ignoring mother’s advice. This is just a bit of daftness that came upon me whilst my wife was talking (And talking)



Blackbirds chased me around the room

Until I hit ‘em with a broom

Then they flew straight up my nose

Whilst I was modelling ladies’ clothes


Next I argued with my mother

Had a fight with my kid brother

Then I found some knitting wool

In brightest colours, nothing dull


Six silver snakes with neon eyes

Started crawling in my flies

I felt the reptiles start to wriggle

This tickled me and made me giggle


All this happened in my dream

Whilst I bathed in a bowl of cream

It was no joke when I awoke

Rubbed my eyes, gave my head a poke


For lying there upon the bed

In lurid hues of blue and red

Were a dozen ladies frocks

And a newly knitted pair of socks  




© pronto 2023
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Well it made me chuckle HaHa!


Really made me laugh Pronto, shouldn’t eat cheese at night, well rhymed,.Peter

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