To you, lot has remained untold

now it has lost its relevance,

so I’m silent.


many moments were caught

during our honeymoon

in the solo pictures I took of you

in my camera

with your myriad enticing gestures.

Seeing them after such a long time I felt found,

I also saw many videos

of our family, stages of our world.

But how can I say I saw them? 

All of them are beating in the shelf of your house

I saw them with my eyes closed

that’s why

I let them rest here.

The machines are not there anymore, neither the hand

nor the eye;

it dusted in the cupboard for long,

suddenly sold it online.

Why it gathered carelessness should have been understood

but there was no time to think…

for then

our hands were on the desktops

our eyes on the lonely screen.

Now we are wandering outside these daily impressions

closing the eyes is so dear to me

is it the same for you too


or perhaps not

maybe you’re looking at other images

buying some other appareil.

We have lost ourselves from each other

never can we find this ‘us’, as it were,

through the same days and nights

under the same sky

facing or back facing the sun

we have lost our relevance

so let some irrelevant moments

remain closed in my eyes.

© supratik 2023
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