First Night

This was for the prose challenge, I missed it.

First Night

What was I thinking? I’m going mad….deluded in my expectations.

They’re still coming in, filling the seats. I saw Crenshaw walking in with Camille Smyth, they were laughing…at me?

I must stop this, I’m torturing myself with my insecurities.

Rehearsals were a mess; I never should have tried this. I needed more time…I need a miracle.

What am I doing here hiding in the gods like a wimp?  I should be in the foyer meeting and greeting.  I must go down.


“Hello, yes a great night in store, thank you Rosaline”

“You’re too kind Julian”

“See you at the after show party Bernard?”

I can’t do this. Oh my god….Trevellion is here. I won’t be disrespected by him, pretend I haven’t noticed him. Shit… he’s coming over.

“Hello Trevellion, good to see you again, can I get you champagne?”

“Let’s wait until after the show shall we, I hope it’s better than your last effort. The only thing good about that was the Champagne”

“I must say though, I admire your audacity, thinking you could marry two of The Bards finest; can’t wait to see the result”

 He’s smirking…such a bastard, I’m doomed.

I can see the reviews now “Sank on first Night with all hands”

There’s the bell….I can’t watch. I’ll stay here for a while.

Oh God… the interval, I can’t be here… although there was some clapping as the curtain came down. Still, let’s see if they all return to their seats before I get excited, maybe then I’m in with a chance.

It’s over…the curtains coming down, they’re all getting up to leave…. Trevellion is turning his back on the stage….shit, I’m going to hang myself.

Wait….they’re all clapping, they stood up to applaud. Trevellion is conducting them!

They’re all shouting……shouting for me.

© mikeverdi 2023
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I like the ‘inner voice’ style of writing. A little bit predictable but entertaining and held up well for such a short piece.


Hmm. I’m sorry, I found this ultra-light and predictable – not much to it really. Still, what was there was well expressed and readable.


Hi Mike. Just dipping in and out these days. I know I’m missing some great stuff.
Anyway, I enjoyed your story very much. OK, so it was a touch predictable, but that is much to be preferred to a story with loose ends all over, and a distinct uncertainty about ‘who dun it’.
I’d watch that Travellion though, a bit two faced if you ask me!

Cheers, and I hope you health is improving.


I don’t think predictable is necessarily a bad thing in all cases – including this one. You said it was only a light thing. It made me think about the feelings a performer may go through (not having performed myself) and the potential fickle nature of things in that environment. I liked it. Having a darker mind – I’d have preferred the end to have been disappointing and flat, polite dull applause and people filing out looking at their phones … but that’s just me…!

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