The power house of freedom,
always bursting with dynamics
hotly flowing in amazing dazzling music
not just of the gipsies,
but in the mentality and everywhere,
you were always in the front line
whenever there were quests for freedom,
under Kossuth, Sandor Petöfi, Franz Liszt,
and leading eastern Europe against Soviet Russia
sacrificing everything in 1956 for dreams of freedom
which at last gave some reward in 1989,
when you let up the border for the eastern Germans
which resulted in the democratic triumph avalanche
releasing all of eastern Europe
in the domino dynamics of the freedom victory.
I always loved you with your splendid capital,
one of the finest and most beautiful in Europe,
the Danube Queen crowned on the hills
in the most capital romantic setting
found anywhere of almost any city in all Europe.
Keep your colours flying and your music going,
and you will be celebrated ever
for that freedom pathos and initiative
that never could be quenched
by any tyranny in history.


© aurelio 2023
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