carrying the epithet “la serenissima” since the morning of history…

Salviamo Venezia!

The supreme serenity of cities,
you were timeless born
and are still much ahead of time
without the hell of car pollution
and with every street for only walkers,
you were long the only democratic state of Italy
until Napoleon came and trampled down
your ancient republic, ending that great age of yours
of thousand years of liberty, democracy and tolerance;
but still, you are the formost Queen of beauty
among all the world’s most beautious towns in Italy,
resplendent still with none of your past glorious ages
faded or forgotten. Now new threats are turning up
much worse and much more serious than that corporal
two hundred years ago who called your Piazza
the most beautiful of banquet halls in Europe,
since oceans might be rising
to extinguish Holland, New Orleans, New York and you
among too many others, Bangla Desh, the Maldives,
any lowlands by the sea; and there’s a challenge
not for only you but for all mankind
to live up to face their own responsibility
for having sullied and endangered
all civilization, nature and the world
with ordinary egoistic greed;
which did not make your beauty,
which rather rose from the survival through the centuries
of wars, invasions, natural disasters and barbaric storms;
and thus you stand a monument of beauty and survival,
which will outlast all the vanities
of this so greedily polluted world.

© aurelio 2023
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