The Gunslinger


I really liked seeing the “cowboy” walking about the city centre when I was young. I’ve always loved eccentrics so this is a poem on one of my favourites.

Main text of your writing.

He would walk around the town

dressed up as his hero John Wayne,

saying things like “howdy pardner “

us kids were told he was insane.

He wore on his head a big cowboy hat

a toy pistol hung down by his side,

“I’m the fastest gun in the West,he’d say

so you Injuns best go run and hide.”

Mum said he was a bit simple

and not very bright,

but I thought he was for real

and on his way to a gunfight.

“Where you tied up your horse ?”

some people would sarcastically say,

but the cowboy would calmly reply

” I’ve come on the Iron Horse today. “

So yes he was an eccentric

and no more a gunslinger than me,

but he never meant anybody any harm

he was just a pretend cowboy from Coventry ! 



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