A Retiring Lady

200 words.

country cottage

I don’t go out very much. I am not a social animal; I am a stay-at-home, rather shy, type.
I am not a reclusive but I value my privacy and if anyone tries to get too close to me, I retreat into my shell. Occasionally I venture out into the garden for a leisurely stroll at my own pace.
At my age, I’m not as energetic as I once was.

I am very particular about my food and this seems to worry the kids of the house where I live;
I have heard them whispering, “How can she live on lettuce alone?”
And while it is true that lettuce is my favourite; I have a varied and healthy diet.

My presence has raised a lot of questions.
“Where has she come from? Is she an illegal immigrant?”
This from the two young brats.

I bristle at this suggestion: I came to this country quite legally.

Their father confirms it by saying, “She originates from the Galapagos, and was imported with the proper certificates.”

“How old is she?”, the children ask.
“Difficult to tell”, is the reply, “but tortoises have been known to live for over two hundred and fifty years”.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
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