A Woman I Want, Dreams


“I’ve searched that realm for years,

For you, call out to me.”  I want

To curl up in your heart, she whispers.

“Even consigned to hell, hand

In hand, I’d return us to the light,

Demons left bound and kicking.”

She smiles, a romantic bastard, huh.

“A three-level tree house high

In an island oak, and orangutans.”

Who could resist? she asks.

A secret leafy, airy space all our own,

You with friends to tell stories to.

                                      for S.

© slovitt 2023
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 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

Swep’s everything-on-the-line courtship ritual. A Michael Jackson moon-dancer. So earnest, so charming in a boyish way! Who could resist, indeed! I like, like. moi, bel 🙂

(see the male red-capped manakin’s courtship ritual)

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