Tempest Tossed

Faith in tribulation





Inside those half-dreaming lids
where man attempts
to find some kinship
and wakes,
eyes wide…

There lies a common thread
 that binds us all together

Though trials and circumstance
afflict us sorely,
The Captain is still in command.

I lie, a storm-cursed sailor
tired of dreams…
But waiting
in the guts of me
to see dry land.




© stormwolf 2023
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On first reading I was of the opinion of others on here, thinking ‘guts’ wasn’t quite right, didn’t fit with the first two verses, but having read your answers and rereading it I can understand why you used it, and it fits perfectly with the sailor tired of dreaming and desperate for a safe dry harbour. Great poem, really enjoyed it. Sue 🙂

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A really good extended metaphor here in the tempest tossed, storm-cursed sailor trying to stifle/escape his fears. Terrific visual too. Excellent. The only words/phrases I wondered about were kinship and ‘tired of dreams’. I see that both tie into the ‘common thread that binds’ – but is it really kinship he seeks, or actual dreams he is ‘tired of” ? Or something more particular/specific? Not a big deal though. Great ending. I’m all for the guts of me stuff! Reminds me I have that very phrase in an early poem of mine ( maybe my second ever write!), added to… Read more »

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