Fancy A Sarnie ?

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Who doesn’t like a sandwich ? This will make someone hungry I guarantee ! 

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As a young lad

I liked bread and jam,

then again I loved cheese n pickle

or a sandwich of corned beef or spam.

I was also keen on beef dripping

as it had such a lovely taste,

“eat all the crusts, mum said

don’t let any go to waste.”

And who can resist a chip butty

between slices of white bread 

plenty of salt and vinegar

covered in brown sauce or red ?

Now you get all types of sarnies

when you’re in need of a bite,

“how about a tuna salad

or a toasted one with Marmite ?”

In the pub you can have a ploughmans

washed down with a pint of ale,

that’s nice and filling

unlike a sandwich on British Rail.

But writing this had made me peckish

now I fancy one or maybe three,

I know I’ll have bacon,lettuce, and tomato

a nice and healthy mouth watering B.L.T ! 


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Ever tried banana and crisps?

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