Mating Call

First glances can be deceptive

She stands stilt-legged
where rushes
fringe the lily-pond.

His wings undulate,
screen the sun
as he peers down
with hunger.

Ignoring his calls,
water spurts from her neb;
he swoops to catch a koi
and her eye.

© capricorn 2023
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I’m currently writing flash fiction called ‘Natura Naturans,’ and that could have been the title here too. Nice poem.


Is she being coy as “he swoops to catch a koi
and her eye”, Eira?
Luigi x


” as he peers down
with hunger.”

Not for the koi! 😉
Is not this what men do too? Capturing the mating game, whether by humans, two- footed or four-footed.
The inferance s that she is only too aware. The poet sees meaning in everything.
Alison x


Well imaged allusional short piece. Ha, I knew not the neb! (“beak or bill of a bird,” Old English nebb “beak, nose; face, countenance; beak-shaped thing,” common Germanic (cf. Old Norse nef “beak, nose,” Middle Dutch nebbe “beak,”) Made me look! Mitch

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Nice little poem, Capricorn. I didn’t know the word ‘neb’ either. Sounds like a northern English dialect word.

Good double-meaning of ‘hunger’. Not sure about ‘undulate’ though. I’ve never heard this word in my life and it doesn’t conjure up anything for me. Maybe you could describe the process of ‘undulation’ with a simile or something?

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