A touch of nostalgia.

I often miss his strong arms,
Encircling me in tough times.
His baritone voice, whisper
The sane words – this too shall pass.

I do miss those long walks
Along the ocean front,
When we talked openly
Of everything and nothing.

I miss our binge outings,
When we’d eat Mac burgers
And fries, sipping iced coke.
That was all we could afford.

I miss our petty quarrels,
Over the silliest things.
Of course, we always knew
They’d never last for long.

Every night, I carry
These precious memories
To bed with me, to dream
Some happy dreams again.

© miel 2023
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Hi Miel
I don’t know how I missed this one. I think many of us can relate in one way or another.
The short lines add to the poem’s simplicity as you walk down memory lane.
Very sad and nicely expressed
Alison x

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