Until the Rain




Tomorrow arrives
and my emptiness


stands on life’s edge
and lets it teeter behind
stained glass —

a mirror reflecting yesterday.

Your warmth used to run
like quicksilver through my veins
and present me to the sun.

I never saw
the gray skyline
or your shadow wane

until the rain came.




Pamela A. Lamppa
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved


© pamela 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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I feel, loss, in this poem. Nice write.


Yes, so much loss here, and another one I can relate to. Beautifully expressed Pamela.
Val x


Hi Pamela
I could not quite get the imagery here.

‘stands on life’s edge
and lets it teeter behind
stained glass —’

teetering on life’s edge suggests to me standing with nothing in front before potential catastrophe (falling)
but ‘behind stained glass’ suggests to me a partition between you and the edge of the cliff.
and stained glass does not mirror. ;-(
Perhaps I am reading it wrongly.
I do think a wee tweak may bring the poem’s meaning more alive.
Alison x


Punchy and moving short piece about loss but I did have a wee problem with the leap from stained glass to the mirror so that line needs a wee tweak to qualify the context. Quicksilver is of course wonderful poetic licence but mercury is extremely toxic as any Mad Hatter will tell you! Best. Mitch

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