The Wraith



A ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death.



Oh, come to the window
my darling!

Look out in the frosty dark night.
I’m waiting beside
that old oak tree.
Bathed in this soft lunar light.

Leave all your possessions
behind you.
Just make your way
straight to the door.
You won’t be requiring
those burdens,
those ‘things of this world’,

I’m leaving tonight
very shortly.
My time here
has come to a close.
I’ve now come for you
  as I promised.
You won’t have need
of your clothes.

I could not go on ‘there’
without you.
The years have eroded the past.

Say farewell
to those things all around you.

together, forever,

At last!


© stormwolf 2023
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Really like the ethereal quality of the imagery here, Alison. The flow and rhyming give it a musical cadence. Impressive audio adds to the haunted feel of the poem.


The build up in this spooky write is excellent… Love the way create the eerie atmosphere…

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Another well-rhymed and well-structured piece, Alison. It’s intriguing who the addresser and addressee are. I am guessing a parent and child, although it could just as easily be a pair of lovers. There is a sinister element to this, as though the wraith is going to deliberately cause the death of his or her darling.

Have you ever seen a wraith yourself?


Hi Alison
For some reason we mostly feel an aversion to the ghostly apparition. We have been taught to be scared, conditioned to the notion that they must be something to fear.
If that is your intention I’m afraid you have failed.
If on the other had you are treating us to a delightful dream that someone we have loved but who has gone before, is waiting for us, then I’ll go for that.
But if you’re wrong you’ll have me to deal with one day! (But not for a we while though)
Best as always, Michael


Nicely paced and atmospheric

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