Living in the Now

The start of the next Cancer Diary. I was waiting for my Chemo results.


Sat in the waiting room.

It’s dark in there,

stress in every corner,

pulling at your sleeve.

Telling stories…



of bright tomorrows,

for those

who play the game.


Sitting alone….yet not.

Surrounded by memories,

cold ashes of past lives.

I can’t stay here,

tied to the past,

while looking for a future.

A life that used to be.


I’m back now,

in a world I understand.

For me

there is no past,

no future,

only the now.

I’m living in the now.


© mikeverdi 2023
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Hi Mike,
Can identify with those words.Had my last chemo of this six cycle session last WEDNESDAY Not feeling up too much at present.hence short reply and few comments and submissions if any ,Remain optimistic at present and still caring full time for Edna.Hope to be back one day soon.Be lucky, love to both of you, Peter and Edna. Waiting for CT Scan result.

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