Guess I was Just feeling my age. Plus I wanted a practice piece 🙂


Specks of dawn

threw darkening


about my peace

this morn,

to leave her scars


by their calling,

stalling future


no more now,

than mortal flecks

upon my window 


And fading there,

all future thoughts

that may

in heart remain.


© sweetwater 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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I see a sad lady (19th century) sitting on a window seat, breath on the glass panes, wistful and melancholy.
Well done

Alison x

Hold tight! SO many people not in a good place now. SO much changing vibrationally on a global level, that many are feeling alienated, almost desiring to not be here. ;-(

Keep on getting in touch with your inner poet. It’s so good to write.
Alison xxx


Hello young Sue! Far too soon for you to be leaving, the world our the site. So much more to hear from you and your pen. Adversity can bring out the best in our writing, it does in your’s.


Mortality is something that can keep me awake at 3am as I lie in the darkness with just me and my thoughts. I think its an inevitable concern for us all what ever our age. But I see here that even towards the end we still feel young inside and have so much we still want to do or see and yet time will always be holding the better hand. A nice, and slightly dark, ever so slightly dark, poem.


A very moving piece, Sue – and I know just how you feel.
Keep writing – it helps.


Hi Sue. I doubt that you expected the kind of response your poem has evoked. You have certainly hit the spot for many of you followers.Your poem speaks of old age and loneliness, a subject that becomes more relevant to many of us as the tears go by, which most try, I suspect, push to the back of our minds. Well done for bringing out from that dark place. As for UKA? I think many of us have mixed feelings about its new direction, but i feel that we must try to make it work. Don’t give in on this… Read more »


Sure you will. And I am sure like – Oh’ what’s his name – that you will treat those imposters just the same (Optimism and pessimism)

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