Stone Circles

Following on from ‘City of Light’ this is one from my archive dated 2003. Maybe a bit similar, without magic, but with reality. All things must pass….


A hillside died to build his world
To carve the stone, to fill the banks
What rain and wind had not achieved
The might of man destroyed.

For some short while his will prevailed
He strode with power, strength and pride
But then his mortal spirit fled
And left his city here.

In time it crumbled, tumbled, fell
Stones, in heaps, were piled around.
The banks and ditches levelled
As rain washed them away.

The stones were used for other tasks,
They came to lift, and cart them off.
Not much is left ‘twixt ground and sky
Where once the city stood.

A hillside died to build his world
Then he died too.
His city died at others’ hands
Then nature covered it with sands
And all again was well.

© e-griff 2023
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Yes, I liked this, conjured up nice images in my mind.
Just discovered the share buttons on the bottom, so I hope you don’t mine me sharing it

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Very atmospheric and conveys well the passing of time and fading of events, ‘fame’ or power. I too have stood looking at ruins or stepped into places where battles or mass murders have taken place (like Martyr’s Bay, Iona) and wondered at the way Nature covers everything over til there is no more trace of man or his actions. Enjoyed the rhythmic and alliterative sounds in this: In time it crumbled, tumbled, fell Stones, in heaps, were piled around. I did think perhaps your fourth stanza could be the stronger ending, that the fifth could be largely cut? Just my… Read more »


Hello John, I found this to be savoured, an excellent piece. I have always enjoyed reading your work, this is quite different to me. Few connections to your recent writing here. Easy to link this with ancient ruins, but I think of it as life itself, in the end it’s how we all live and die.
Best Wishes


Aaah man, the most destructive of creatures. A lovely poem about the passage of time.


I quite see the parallels made by others as you gaze around the ruins of once vibrant buildings, or places where nature has reclaimed its own.But in these modern times buildings loose their ‘sell by’ date during our lifetimes. (Not counting those that are felled, by bombs and shells) and one wonders what will our descendents gaze at in the future.

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