Green Grass of Home

Is the grass greener?

wall street

Having observed
the growth of food banks,
I wondered whether
I should envy the Yanks.
Those men residing
in the Big Apple,
who with destitution
don’t have to grapple.
Featured  on the cover
of Time magazine,
they’re driven to work
in a stretch limousine
They smoke fat cigars,
have a bulging purse
and for them affluence
is a matter of course.
All this to many
is a clear evidence
that the grass is greener
on that side of the fence.

But let’s pause a moment
for calm reflection
to consider a realistic
assessment of that nation.
They may be inhabited
by  wealthy denizens
but don’t they also  have
impoverished  citizens?
There’s racial tension
and it is not much fun
to live with the threat
of extremists with gun.
They have a politician
who many would dump,
a would-be president
by the name of Trump.
They’ve  many deficiencies
which would fill a tome
and that’s why I prefer
the green grass of home.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
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A cracking attempt at a POLITICAL five and six syllable stacked rhyme, Luigi. Trump is controlled by his hair-piece which is an evil Tribble – a brain-eating alien life form bent on world domination. Mitch

 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

A pleasing rhythmic cant down the page which adds to the dry sense of irony and wit. Right on characterizations, but in my view – which originates from a front row seat – one of the biggest problems in the US are the many, many whoevers with guns, and very lethal ones, too.

BTW, Trump isn’t a politician. Hasn’t a clue how to run a village let alone a country! 🙁

PS. Reading Mitch’s comment below, I’m wondering if he’s been watching braindead,, a current TV series set in Washington, which I absolutely love!

Really enjoyed this read. 🙂

 <span title="Pro Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: red;">***</span><p>

Yes, protection. Which has extended to right to carry concealed weapons everywhere, even churches, shopping centers and schools in some states. Which has extended to Stand Your Ground if you feel threatened in any circumstances, and then to skyrocketing sales of millions of assault style (militarized) weapons every time there’s another high profile mass shooting. *note my deeply sarcastic tone of voice. The NRA and rabid second amendment folks. It’s outrageous that Congress does nothing to pass laws that even moderately restrict access. Don’t get me going! UKA? moi, freya, in the end. Believe I started out as britgrrl, but… Read more »


And its why I prefer the green green grass of home too. The 99% will always be left to wonder why as the 1% live in disgusting splendor. A nice thoughtful poem.


Never crossed the water, but with two Irish grandparents (one on each side) perhaps I should have done. I like you poem very much and it does invite one to make comparisons between here and there.
I think your main point cannot be contested. The enormous chasm between those who have and have don’t, Pretty bad on both sides I fear but at least on this side there are fewer guns.
Now who was it I had down for Trump?
Best, Michael

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