FOR S., 8 POEMS– 3 & 4


3  Butter

Breakfast was real oatmeal
Every morning in Taos,
Served at the kitchen table
By the window.  Ravens
In the courtyard.
You always put a dab of butter
In my bowl, covered it
So it would melt completely.

4  Understanding (New Year’s Eve, Taos)

You slipped into the study,
I followed, locking the door.
Your sarong at your feet,
Hazel eyes, serene, oval face,
Golden hair all in a swirl.
Now–eased–on your side,
Still coming in ripples, you
In the cove of my arms.
I whisper, just the beginning.
“Baby, too fast,” you say.
I grab a fistful of damp hair.
Your nails rake my cheek.

© slovitt 2023
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Swep, intimate poems full of simmering passion, in so few words you convey so much. Liked ‘cove of my arms’ and the serene to intensity to abandon of no 4. In 3, I wonder at the use of covered. I am certain you chose it deliberately, I am thinking perhaps a word like unhurried, unnerved, unwatched…and then…it would melt completely…giving another edge to the ending…just a thought anyway…Leila


OMG! ahem! *composes herself* 😉 I always enjoy the way you inject intimacy into so many of your poems. Intimacy is a dying trait, if you ask me. 😉 The caring act of putting the butter in the real oatmeal, shows a caring act for your enjoyment. This is no airhead but a thoughtful woman who wants you to be happy. The second stanza is hot, hot hot. .”I followed, locking the door.” There is always something so deliciously suggestive in locking the door in these circumstances. The reader knows something is going to occur. Then I got a wee… Read more »


Passion after buttered oatmeal – a perfect recipe. Mitch

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Missed commenting on this for some reason. Well, Butter my favorite of many of these poems to S. But do like the tension you’ve managed to create in Understanding. Two people, loving the sex but at least one a bit leery of the whirlwind pace and of where the relationship is headed. The ending so clearly depicts the incredible chemistry and a physical and emotional standoff/challenge between two very strong personalities. At least, that’s my take! Let’s say I’m envisioning Rhett Butler sweeping Scarlett O’Hara into his arms and up the staircase! Good pieces. PS. You keep referring to 8… Read more »

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So they haven’t been abandoned, then? That’s good! When do you expect publication? Count me in for a copy. And I don’t mean send me a copy for free! 🙂

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