Perchance to Dream

Short poem, slightly amended since posting (thanks to Swep)





They found her three days later.
A strange half-smile,
still gentle upon her lips
confounding physiology.
As always,
the one to break the rules.
Her sightless eyes held no clue.
Only her special things around her
whispered of her yearning
to belong.




© stormwolf 2022
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A teasing half-picture of a corpse holding a clue to her passing and back-story. Alas, as a councillor, I have found a lonely corpse for real and the only companions of his demise were the rooms full of photographs and coffin flies plus that smell you can never forget. Howlz. Mitch


A beautiful glimpse, a snapshot too soon whisked away before all is known. I’m intrigued, would love to read more about her life and death. 🙂 Sue.x


Lovely Alison, but I think line five needs amending.
Val xx .


An intriguing write Alison.

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