The hypocrites in sport

Fair play for the athletes seeking the extra inch, a second less 

The ‘cheats’ who use a standard dope

to help them work at par all day

use alcohol or fags to smoke

yet are not banned from work and play.


But those who find a substance new

that helps them physically — to win;

by hypocrites, a ruling few,

are cast into the bin of sin.


A shorter life may come to all,

The athletes must  be free to choose

a poison suited to their call,

twixt drugs or cigarettes or booze.


Ascent of man – for distance, speed

should not be bound by men in ties.

Perfomance aids as based on need

made free to all. No cheats, no lies !


David   August 2016

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Fun plea for indulgence in a little of what makes you excel. Makes me proud to be a Viagra salesman – kidding! Mitch

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