The hypocrites in sport

Fair play for the athletes seeking the extra inch, a second less 

The ‘cheats’ who use a standard dope

to help them work at par all day

use alcohol or fags to smoke

yet are not banned from work and play.


But those who find a substance new

that helps them physically — to win;

by hypocrites, a ruling few,

are cast into the bin of sin.


A shorter life may come to all,

The athletes must  be free to choose

a poison suited to their call,

twixt drugs or cigarettes or booze.


Ascent of man – for distance, speed

should not be bound by men in ties.

Perfomance aids as based on need

made free to all. No cheats, no lies !


David   August 2016

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Hi David. Nicely constructed poem and I’m inclined to agree with your sentiments. The current Olympic situation is testament to the shambolic doping fiasco where one country is haphazardly penalized and other countries and athletes who are just as culpable are not.


Fun plea for indulgence in a little of what makes you excel. Makes me proud to be a Viagra salesman – kidding! Mitch

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