‘Haikus from around the world’ + Picture…


These Haikus are all from my personal experiences.


17 Syllables 5-7-5

Caribbean experience

Snorkel in warm pool
Coral snake swims up to me
With sly glance moves on

African Experience‘ 1

Croc, mouth wide open
Gently lift front leg and touch
Axilla like ice

African Experience‘ 2

Laze in the warm sun
Monitor lizard strolls past
Hold breath for a while

Dorset Experience

Morning run on hills
Adder rears in front of me
Run turns to high jump

Mexican moment

Lay on still water
Sting ray wakes from sandy bed.
Then gracefully flies

Dominican Republic Dilemma

Arm wrestling contest
Deep trouble no avoiding
Quick win fast exit

Indian Warning

Beware of the snake
Looking round most fearfully
Cobra peeps from lid

© gerry 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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Well, well, Gerry. Nobody can accuse you of living a dull, uneventful life! I have never attempted a poem of this sort. I know it is much harder than it looks…hence me never attempting it. 😉
I take my hat off to you. You have encountered many dangers and escaped unscathed…but… have you ever had a run in with a Haggis?
Ah, now we’re talking.

Alison x

BTW love the pic!


Good ones. My favourite is the ‘Dorset Experience’.


I am a big fan of haiku and enjoyed reading these. Just had a quick look at your website will go back later and take a stroll through…Leila x

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These are so good! But must admit this:

Morning run on hills
Adder rears in front of me
Run turns to high jump

made me laugh at the thought of you engaged in high jumping.

Only funny in retrospect, no doubt! I’m actually terrified of snakes.

Neat stuff. 🙂


You sure believe in living on the edge Gerry… Very strong imagery here…

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