A Purple Skeleton…words that refuse to rhyme…

A poem

Try rhyming a word with Diamond
You will be lucky if you do,
Okay now try Silver and Orange,
I think they’re impossible too.

You may care to try with Nothing,
But you won’t get far I’m sure.
Or trying to rhyme something with Month,
Will have you racking your brain some more.

You could of course try Skeleton,
That’s a funny one it’s true.
You may just find you’re Limited,
But it gives the brain something to do.

Now have a try rhyming with Ninth,
You will find that’s a word too far.
What a beautiful colour is Purple
But trying to rhyme it’s a bar.

Now here is the real funny part,
Which word do you think is the best?
I’m putting my money on Poem
Cos’ it’s harder to rhyme than the rest…

PS. I’m off for a Pint now,
Whoops there’s another.




© gerry 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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This is a lovely, entertaining read. But I think bond rhymes with diamond but hard to jemmy those two together into a poem, but I bet you could Gerry!


Keep looking, Gerry. You can rhyme skeleton with peloton. That’s your starter for ten.
Cheers, Luigi.


I bow to your superior knowledge, Gerry, but I am not the only one who errs. RhymeZone – not that I use it, as I don’t know how accurate it is – shows three words rhyming with ‘peloton’, namely: gelatin, skeleton, and exoskeleton.


I suppose it comes down to being a purest about rhyme. A lot of poetry has rhyme that is dubious if taken as something that literally doesn’t rhyme. But I prefer rhythm to rhyme so I don’t mind.


Hi Gerry,
This gave me a laugh. Maybe one of the reasons I tend to write non rhyming stuff 😉
Alison x


Gerry, a light-hearted romp down the page. i’ll buy the first pint. Swep

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Well, Gerry, your purple skeleton has certainly acquired some flesh since you posted it here! 🙂 🙂 And you’ve got everyone scratching their heads and pulling out their dictionaries. Me? I’d just make words up! After all, it happens all the time. Look at how many words are added to Webster every time they come out with a new edition. So, for instance, how about slurple ( a thingy that slurps)?

Though I do suppose you have to worry about context! 😀

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Ha ha ha! Love your sense of humor. 😀

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