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The man from next door…(a daft ditty)

musical instruments

The man from next door
thinks he is Pavarotti;
always sings “Nessun Dorma”
and he’s driving me potty.

The bloke on the ground floor
is called Johnny Coltrane.
Tries to play like his namesake
but his efforts are in vain.

There are kids in my garage
who make a stab at punk rock
with trumpets and drums
which are causing much shock.

What I can’t understand
is their obsession with noise
yet there are some people
who retain a certain poise.

The lady on the top flat
is quite delicate on the harp.
That is the kind of sound
that I don’t find too sharp.

I’d love to meet her
but I must solve a riddle.
Is she engaged to the guy
who with her plays the fiddle?

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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When you find out, please let us know 😉 nice little ditty…


nice poem. I’m not very good at playing music. All I can play is the old soldier and the fool.

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You really do have fun with a lot of these rhyming poems, don’t you Luigi? I’m laughing. bel 😀


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