Intro: I am woken up at midnight and put on a flight. Received at the airport, I am taken downtown in a van. From there to my destination on a bicycle. I get to repeat this everday. Who am I? forms the rest of the story! 

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A Last Letter.

  I felt the need to write this,though I know my late wife will never read this. My Darling, It is two months since you left leaving me lonely and bereft, for you there are no more earthly fears, for me,a time of sadness and tears.   A wonderful dream has ended like we always knew it would, a dream full of

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These are four poems written during the last days of my dear wife.I wrote them whilst being with her until the end, caring for her in hospital 24 hours a day, thanks to the compassion of the medical and nursing staff.I felt privileged to be with Edna.The last poem was written after her cremation.

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